Jeroen Anslijn

Jeroen is specialised in Robotics and motion control systems. With his considerable knowledge, experience and ability to solve problems - which he has gathered over the past 20 years - he is an expert in this area. He works for many large national and international companies.

“Des te ingewikkelder het project des te uitdagender het wordt”, is zijn motto.

About us

At Technology Support, service is the driving force. We will insure that you are not on your own, when your installation is delivered. Good trajectory support will ensure that you will not face any unexpected surprises.

We deliver the most fitting components for your installation, so your automation will function optimally at all times.

A strong and close cooperation with our clients is what makes us successful! Technology Support works exclusively with third parties, who possess the same level of knowledge and who have already amply proven their knowledge and abilities in practice through working together.

It goes without saying that Technology Support is a responsibly operating company; our control panels and components adhere to the highest requirements concerning power usage, reusability and durability.

HMS Metaalunie

Robotics and Motion Control Systems

Technology Support is a venture that prides itself in delivering high-standard technological solutions. We achieve this by using excellent robotics and control techniques. Technology Support has a presence in the food industry, Pharmacia and heavy industry. We are confident in your field as well! From prototyping to standardisation, from a single piece to a complete process line.